I'll take the long way 'round


I'm having a terrible toothache and it makes me so miserable that I can't do anything. I really hope it will pass soon. I can't talk normally and it hurts as hell. 

I'm sure you all remember the posts from the second and third photo (if not go here and here). I found an old folder with a lot of unpublished photos from my old posts. I kinda like those photos, so I thought I could share them here. This is good because I can keep this blog updated while I'm sick and have no desire or inspiration to take any new photos.

Btw, if anyone wants me to make a custom template for their blog contact me at filipacanic@gmail.com for rates and more information. And don't forget to enter the Sammydress giveaway!


  1. Lovely photos. Sorry about the toothache, sucks so much! x

  2. Volim tvoje fotografije. Ozdravi brzo :)

  3. it's all about the weirdo bag!!!

  4. The first picture is insanely great-
    Mortem Blonde

  5. Gorgeous photos. I hope your toothache will be gone soon! ♡

  6. Always love your photo's :) even if you're resharing oldies but goodies :D they're so special and poetic


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