night owl


A drunk party girl. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when looking at these photos.
I was neither drunk nor partying. Just a girl trying out the camera flash in the hallway of her home whilst wearing her new sweater dress.


Music. Words. Actions. Poems. 
Oh so often do we forget that true beauty isn't material. Neither is happiness. You can't touch it.
Too often do we forget to listen, to look around ourselves.
Take a look. What do you see? Do you hear?

What about the people? Can you feel them?
Magic words. Thank you! I'm sorry.

Betrayal is such a vigorous word. 


tuesday thoughts

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filipa canic, filipa canic blog, youarethepoet, you are the poet blog,

Melancholy in November. You'd think that all that cold and darkness, those lifeless streets with naked trees and pouring rain would make you feel the same way. Cold, lifeless, naked... The thing is, they actually do. But here and there, there's a spark of hope. Like when you look through your window you can still see the sun shine every day, and you still feel the warmth of it's rays. Stay there long enough and it will warm you. The rain might make your hair and clothes wet, but the drops that fall on your face will wake you up. The snow will make your body freeze, but it will rush you towards your destination. Literally or figuratively speaking. 

A friend of mine said, it's one thing to be (insert whatever you want here), another to be a fool. You can always try and justify other people's actions by defending the fact they didn't hurt you on purpose. The truth is, while they didn't do it on purpose, they also didn't do it by accident. They simply didn't care enough to think about the consequences of their actions on your heart.

Are you a fool? I no longer want to be. It's never too late to redefine yourself. So, here's one for that!

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